Welcome to Israel

In the past few years the Bachata scene has taken its respectful place in different events throughout Israel, of the Israeli Latin dancing scene and you could see how the demand for Bachata only grew and grew as more people filled the different event's  Bachata floors. 

The artist line-up invited to teach or perform in this congress is without a precedent in the Israeli Bachata scene - over 30 artists from all over the world and Israel gathering together to give you a unique experience with a lot of love, effort and musical magic. The best international world class DJ's will make you dance without end throughout the entire congress with fine music, dancers from around the world coming especially to witness the Israeli scene and the artists that have gathered within it, and of course you, the heart and soul of this scene from all over the country. All of this magic will take place in the Astral Nirvana hotels in the city of Eilat, indulging you with 3 full meals a day. an open bar (free alcohol included), an amazing pool area and more.

This congress is dedicated with a lot of love to all the Bachata scene wherever it is, without being related to any school or club and clean of politics, with hopes that we will get to take this scene one step forward with collaborating with amazing dancers around the world which are also coming to Israel for the first time for that exact purpose. We are excited and already waiting to see you all in a congress you will not forget for a very long time.



Teachers & Performers

DJ's & Live show

Photographers & Videographers